Copywriter / Creative Director
Client: Nucor Steel

Assignment: Make fair trade a voting issue in 6 key voting districts.

Solution: Create a microsite (unfortunately, the site is no longer operating) to educate voters about fair trade, and direct voters there via "semi-inflammatory" newspaper ads. We purchased space in every major newspaper serving those 6 key voting districts. Where we inserted look-a-like sections in front of the real business and jobs sections, except our inserts were mostly written in Chinese.

Results: All six candidates that picked fair trade as an issue won their election. There were numerous posts about people tearing out the sections, putting it on their office wall, and showing their friends. Ultimately, the site had more hits than there were voters in the target markets.

Personal opinion on "Unfair Trade": I am usually skeptical when American companies complain about a practice we, Great Britain, and Genghis Khan introduced to the world. But for a company as honest, environmentally conscious, and good natured as Nucor, I happily discarded my cynicism.

Newspaper Ads:

Agency: Eric Mower and Associates
Creative Directors: Seth Werner, Patrick Short
AD: LeAnne Wagner
CW: Chad Brophy

2017 Chad Brophy