Copywriter / Creative Director
Client: Anna Kristine Cashmere

Assignment: “Fellas, can you brand a ladies cashmere brand?”

Solution: We wore a lot of cashmere around the office, picked up Chandler Bing’s nightly affirmation tapes, and made a strong yet beautiful brand.

Print and Branding:

Brand Video:

What started as a power, luxury, womens branding assignment evolved into a wesbite, color naming project, and J. Peterman catalog descriptions. Peruse some screen grabs below or immerse yourself in some three dozen colors and countless colorful puns at


Agency: Tattoo Projects
Creative Director: Rudy Banny
Creative Director: Buffy McCoy-Kelly
Art Director: Justin Rentzel
ACD/Copywriter: Chad Brophy
Director of Production: William Boyer
Designer: Caitlin Smichowski
Jr. Designer: Madison Dixon
Directory of Photography: Paul Skinner

2017 Chad Brophy