Copywriter / Creative Director
Client: Victory Motorcycles 

Challenge: Bring new motorcycles to market while overhauling the entire brand. It’s like putting the cart before the horse, but motorcycles in front of the brand.  

Solution: Don’t over think it. Advance the brand in increments. Push the design to look fast. Punch up some headlines with testosterone without going immature.

The Victory Gunner:

The Victory Magnum X-1: (Their loudest bike ever)

The Victory Empulse Brochure: (Victory’s first electric bike)
Select spreads from their online brochure.

Online Hype Video: (Featuring Isle of Man TT racer Lee Johnston)

Agency: Tattoo Projects
Creative Director: Rudy Banny
Creative Director: Buffy McCoy-Kelly
Art Director: Justin Rentzel
ACD/Copywriter: Chad Brophy
Designer: Chris Bazata
Director of Production: William Boyer
Photographer: Todd Williams and Michael Spain Smith
AE: Hannah Fairweather

2017 Chad Brophy